Never underestimate the power of brands.

BRNDPWR.COM was founded by Lodewijk Varossieau in 2010 and invests in growth-stage creative companies with the ambition to become strong and cool brands. BRNDPWR.COM acts as a portal for > Strategic Partnerships > Business Development > Brand Development. BRNDPWR.COM knows the needs of its friends including sponsors, business partners, clients and investors to initiate win-win commercial relationships. We want to be a successful venture capital company and a strong brand ourselves. The way to have BRNDPWR is to take it.


We invest in growth-stage companies with the ambition to become powerful brands.


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P1 Underwear
Concrete Capital Real Estate

Creating value for a networked culture.

BRNDPWR.COM also is a business platform. Our mission is to transform the exposure derived from global sports events and entertainment into unique business opportunities for our partners and international network. We love brands and we like to make them more powerful. By making maximal use of creativity. It's all in our name. BRNDPWR.COM team hosts events with partners and prospects. Our team strives to identify and close business opportunities efficiently. Our partners have access to all necessary marketing and communication skills in order to build strong brands. BRNDPWR.COM partners include global players involved in the world's biggest sports and entertainment business but also entrepeneurs, CEO's of big companies, inspiring individuals and VC's.


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